Ethos & Values

Alcester Academy provides a high quality curriculum, which allows all of our students to fulfil their academic potential. We achieve this through high quality first teaching, effective use of data to drive interventions and a determination that our students will achieve. We believe in leaving no stone unturned in overcoming barriers to learning and work tirelessly to continuously improve.

We additionally aim to develop our students into well-adjusted members of the community with high moral values. We achieve this through imbedding both British values as indicated from the Department for Education and also through actively promoting the values that we believe are essential in modern life.

These values are:

Honesty and Integrity
Valuing the importance of building trust through truth. Having a responsibility to ones self and to fellow pupils to adhere to school codes and values. Most importantly, doing the right thing when no one is looking.

Tenacity and Perseverance
Valuing the challenges that we encounter in our journey to achievement. Believing that “No set back will set you back.”
Kindness and Compassion
Standing in someone else’s shoes when they are having a hard time. Valuing your own worth and the worth and diversity of others.

Curiosity and Creativity
Valuing the role of curiosity in extending and developing your knowledge. Valuing the courage to innovate and create through having an enquiring mind.

Respect and Tolerance
Valuing your regard for yourself and others. Working as a team in the community. Valuing the individual and celebrating diversity.