Additional Learning Opportunities

Alcester Academy works incredibly hard at making sure that every student can ‘be the best that they can be’, either academically or pastorally, and students have many opportunities to access a wider curriculum outside of the classroom. Our extensive enrichment program, of up to 60+ opportunities, ensures that there is something for everyone throughout the school year.  

Participation in extra-curricular activities has many proven benefits, including building self-confidence, developing imagination, improving concentration, memory and communication skills - all of which are vital to high school students excelling in all their subjects, including the more traditionally academic ones. It’s also fun and provides an emotional outlet as well as improving attendance.    

Alcester Academy create an extra-curricular timetable which is given to students at the beginning of the year. Pupils will be invited to join as many clubs as they would like. We are just finalising our offer for next year and a link to the latest timetable (below) will be available in September.