Additional Learning Opportunities

Because of the global pandemic, students of all ages have had their lives interrupted. They were forced away from the classroom, their friends and any kind of normal learning environment. Whilst Alcester Academy has worked incredibly hard at making sure no student “gets lost in the system”, either academically or pastorally, students have lost the opportunity to access a wider curriculum outside of the classroom. Even though they have now returned to full time education, they have still lost the interaction with children from other year groups. 

Participation in extra-curricular activities has many proven benefits, including building self-confidence, developing imagination, improving concentration, memory and communication skills - all of which are vital to high school students excelling in all their subjects, including the more traditionally academic ones. It’s also fun and provides an emotional outlet as well as improving attendance.   

Alcester Academy have introduced an extra-curricular timetable which was given to students at the beginning of the year. Although we are aware that many of these activities were available before Covid, we have now built upon these, united them into one timetable and are encouraging participation from everyone in our school community. As 2021/22 progresses, the extra-curricular timetable will grow, adapt and change.