Regulations & Guidance

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) regulates all our external qualifications; their website outlines their role and responsibility – please read more about their organisation here

The JCQ publish regulations for candidates and centres on an annual basis that are communicated to pupils in the form a Candidate Booklet. They include:

·         Information for candidates - Coursework

·         Information for candidates - non examinations assessments 2020-2021

·         Information for candidates - on-screen tests 2020-2021

·         Information or candidates - Privacy Notice

·         Information for candidates - Social Media

·         Information for candidates - Written exams 2020-2021

The following documents have to be visible to candidates outside the exam room and warn of the consequences of bringing in unauthorised items into an external exam.

·         Unauthorised items poster

·         Warning to candidates poster

Candidate Booklet - to be published shortly