Pupil Reward Points

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The Academy runs a bespoke and specifically designed Alcester Academy online Reward Point system (www.pupilrewardpoints.co.uk). Students are rewarded for their efforts and achievements in academic, enrichment and citizenship type categories. Students collect reward points, they have their own account that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Students set their own reward target and can then “buy” rewards once they have achieved a certain amount of points from the Alcester Academy online catalogue. This includes prizes such as bikes, shopping vouchers, cameras as well as rewards such as “skipping the lunch queue” and many more.

Those students who have achieved the most Reward Points throughout the year also qualify to be on the school Reward Point Leader board that runs equally across all year groups. At the end of the year those students on the leader board are also rewarded by a reward trip, raffles and further prizes.

In conjunction with the Pupil Reward Point System, reward points also contribute to a House total and throughout the year House Activities take place that contribute to the awarding of House Cups at the end of the year.