At Alcester Academy we are proud of our standards of school uniform that are the result of a high degree of co-operation between parents/carers, students and the school.

We are firm believers in a school uniform that is properly and consistently worn. We believe that this helps young people to develop a real pride in themselves and their school and to look smart helps them to think smart too. Uniform helps students to feel part of our community, and makes the point that there is no discrimination. It sets a standard which supports our expectations of work and behaviour. We find it helps maintain the right environment for learning.

All students wear their uniform both in school and when representing the school at events or on visits. When the students are travelling to and from school in the community we expect that the same high uniform expectations are met with the students wearing the uniform with pride and role modelling our beliefs. Outdoor coats may be worn over, but not instead of, blazers which are compulsory. In this respect we expect no less from our students than an employer would expect of their employees.

We recommend that name tapes should be put into all garments.
For parents/carers in need of financial support with uniform, please refer to the Hardship Policy.
If students attend school dressed inappropriately, we reserve the right to place students in isolation until the issue has been rectified and our expectations have been met.

  • Black blazer with silver/grey piping displaying school badge and logo
  • Optional Black v-neck jumper (to be worn under the blazer) with silver/grey piping displaying school badge and logo
  • Mid grey skirt (drop pleats) displaying school badge
  • Mid grey tailored trousers (boys and girls)
  • Mid grey tailored shorts (boys and girls) can be worn as an alternative to trousers/skirts for the summer term. Shorts must be of a ‘tailored’ fit. They must not have ‘combat/cargo’ style external pockets. They must be of the same material and colour (grey) as the regular school trousers. 
  • Light blue shirt
  • School tie
  • Socks – black or dark grey only under trousers. (No trainer type or below ankle socks allowed). Socks (black, dark grey or white) when worn with skirts must sit above the ankle and below the knee. No over the knee socks are allowed. 
  • Tights - plain (not patterned) in black 60 denier+
  • Appropriate shoes – those that can be polished, they must be black in colour, as pictured below:

Suede, fabric or canvas shows are NOT allowed.

High top basketball shoes are NOT allowed.  

Pumps, boots, coloured logo trainers or high heels may NOT be worn in school. 

Girls Skirts

Alcester Academy has a standard academy skirt. It is a mid-grey with drop pleats and a school badge.
The ruling is that the skirts should be no shorter than half way between the top of the leg and the knee. If girls have skirts that are considered inappropriate, then we will expect them to purchase a new standard academy skirt or wear acceptable trousers.

PE Kit List


Black/Blue and Silver Hoody
Blue/Black and Silver Polo Shirt
Shorts or Skirt or Tracksuit Bottoms
Games Socks
Trainers (suitable for indoor/outdoor use)
Football/Hockey boots
Shin pads/gum shield


Black/Blue and Silver Rugby Shirt
Black/Blue and Silver Splash Top



Black/Blue and Silver Polo Shirt
Blue/Black and Silver Rugby Shirt
Shorts or Tracksuit Bottoms
Games Socks
Trainers (suitable for indoor/outdoor use)
Football/Hockey boots
Shin pads/gum shield


Black/Blue and Silver Hoody
Black/Blue and Silver Splash Top
Cricket Whites

Uniform Suppliers

National Schoolwear Centre
3/4 Bulls Head Yard
B49 5BX 
Tel: 01789 400344

Price & Buckland

Customer Service Team Tel: 0115 964 0827

Email: webenquiry@price-buckland.co.uk

Website: www.pbuniform-online.co.uk/alcester

Pre-loved Uniform

The Academy has a selection of pre-loved uniform available for students across all year groups at a vastly reduced cost to that of purchasing new uniform. We stock most items that includes, blazers, skirts, jumpers, trousers. We also have a selection of PE kit that includes PE shirts, hoodies, rugby tops and shorts. 

The school will host pre-loved uniform sales at times during the year, but the uniform is available all year round. Details to follow shortly. 
Pre-loved Uniform Request Form


The tie should be attached correctly at all times.


One pair of small plain gold or plain silver studs (one in each ear) and a small wrist watch are allowed. Nose studs, body piercings and related jewellery are not allowed. Rings, bracelets and necklaces are not to be worn whilst at the Academy for Health and Safety reasons.

Make Up

A moderate amount of make-up is permitted at the Academy. This is permitted to support self-confidence and must be as natural as possible. Nail varnish and false eye lashes are not permitted.


Hair must be natural in colour and not of extreme style; dip dyeing, extreme bleaching are not permitted. Shaved or semi shaved patterns are not allowed. Hair accessories must be of school colour. No holiday hair braids to be worn.