An Exciting and Diverse Curriculum

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The Creative Arts

We give students the confidence to explore the creative arts by providing energetic and dynamic learning experiences. Developing creativity and encouraging students to express themselves, builds confidence and raises self esteem. It also opens up the world of imagination and makes anything seem possible. The Academy hosts various vibrant and exciting events that allow students to showcase their excellence and originality. We also provide students with the opportunity to take part in a range of inspirational trips that broaden every aspect of their learning.


The Academy is innovative and forward thinking in its approach to teaching and learning in technology. We use state of the art technology in a wide range of disciplines enabling our students to progress and push back the boundaries of their knowledge. We are passionate about encouraging our students to look forward and embrace change. Through their use of technology, students learn skills that will equip them for an exciting and ever-changing society.

The Humanities

We offer our students a rich and varied exploration into the world around them. Our environment shapes our community and our history shapes our future. Through an engaging and exciting approach to the study of humanities, our students learn about tolerance and understanding. They learn to question their beliefs and the belief systems of those around them.

The Sciences

The study of science is essential. It helps us learn how the universe works and why things happen. It pushes the boundaries of our knowledge, our understanding, and our existence. At Alcester Academy we ignite a fascination and curiosity in our students which we hope will develop into a lifelong passion. We encourage our students to be inquisitive, analytical and methodical.

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Modern Foreign Language

We are committed to developing independent, inquisitive young adults who appreciate the rich and diverse world we live in. The study of a language increases global understanding. It helps young people develop their cultural awareness and helps them appreciate international literature, music and film. It also sharpens cognitive and life skills and allows a better understanding of their native language.


We have an exciting and engaging team of professionals dedicated to encouraging students to compete in a diverse range of sporting activities. We want our students to be competitive, assertive and determined whilst supporting peers in teams. We believe perseverance and tenacity are skills that will help shape successful futures.

Mathematics and English

Alcester Academy ensures students develop their understanding of algebra, problem solving, shapes, statistics and numeracy in a broad range of real life contexts. We want them to explore, enjoy and learn; to practise and talk about their developing understanding of a fascinating and thought provoking subject. It is our vision that every student experiences an education which enriches their mathematical knowledge, rewards success, and inspires them to aim for the highest rewards in academia and their future careers.
The study of English and literature empowers students; it enables them to communicate more effectively with the world around them, expressing their responses to feelings and experiences. It develops the skills students require to participate in a modern, multi-cultural society and develops skills of empathy, tolerance and understanding. At Alcester Academy, English is challenging, inspiring, creative and imaginative. It changes and enriches the lives of our young people.