Art & Design

Curriculum Lead for Art: Mr J Yarrington

Art Teacher: Miss O Nemeshanyi

Alcester Academy curriculum lead for art

Art & Design is both a form of communication and a means of expression of ideas and feelings. It is a practically-based subject which complements the other areas of the curriculum. It is especially concerned with the development of visual perception and aesthetic appreciation.

At Key Stage 3, all Year 7 and 8 pupils study Art & Design. In Year 9, the subject becomes a GCSE option. Gifted and Talented pupils are selected and entered for the Double Award. They complete their first GCSE at the end of Year 10 and their second course in Year 11.

At Key Stage 4, Art & Design is a popular subject. Year 11 students consistently achieve well above the national average. The department has achieved 100% A*-C for the second year in a row with a cohort exceeding 100 students.

Art & Design encourages the development of personal and organisational skills. It involves appreciation of others’ work, imagination, creativity and practical skills. These skills are developed through drawing, painting, printing, mixed media, ceramics, sculpture, photography and IT manipulation.

Art & Design is a popular subject, a valuable part of the curriculum and can be enjoyed by all pupils, regardless of their ability.

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