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Curriculum Lead for Design Technology: Mr J Yarrington

Design technology curriculum lead

Design Technology is about making products that people want and that work. Creating things is inventive, exciting and most of all, a lot of fun.

The Technology Department has excellent purpose built rooms and computer equipment. A significant building project has created a new state-of-the-art Food room and a Textiles room which greatly enhance the learning environment. The acquisition and installation of CAD/CAM equipment and flexible design software allows students in all years to develop an understanding of the importance of new technologies, including smart materials, within industry and manufacturing in the real world.

Students have the opportunity to investigate and respond to a variety of design briefs through the processes of designing and manufacturing a solution to a given context. Working within the National Curriculum requirements, students use their creativity and gain the manufacturing skills to fulfil each task. Students learn to work to deadlines and recognise that there are many different ways to manufacture a product and that quality, cost and speed are all important elements in the manufacturing process. As their experience grows, students realise that product development is a never ending cycle and that the evaluation of a product delivers an opportunity for further development and improvement.

During Years 7 and 8 students will complete modules in a variety of subject areas. They will be asked to design and manufacture products using a wide range of materials, including Resistant Materials (timber, metal and plastic), Textiles, Graphics (paper and board) and Food. In addition students will experience mechanisms and systems and control so that they have a broad experience of Design & Technology.

The delivery in each area shares common elements and expectations. Students use their knowledge and understanding to devise solutions to a design brief, make their design and evaluate their end product.

In Year 9 students can choose to complete a foundation year in an area of their choice in preparation for the GCSE. Marking and feedback is given in line with the standards expected for GCSE CAT work. During Years 10 and 11 students can opt for a GCSE specialising in the subjects: Resistant Materials, Food or Textiles. The final qualification will be a GCSE at A* - G.

Coursework is delivered through a 40 hour controlled assessed task started in the second half of Year 10 and completed by Spring Half Term in Year 11. Students follow the design process to build up a design portfolio based around a context set by the Exam board. They will then use this design work to manufacture their product in their chosen specialist area. This task counts for 60% of the GCSE marks. Students then focus on gaining specific subject knowledge and understanding in preparation for an examination weighted 40% of the final mark, which will be taken by all students in the summer at the end of Year 11. A revision guide is useful aid to supporting pupils prepare for the exam.

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