Curriculum Lead for Music: Mr L Hall

Music Teacher: Mr R Badham

Music is taught to all Year 7 and 8 pupils as part of the National Curriculum and is available as an option in Years 9, 10 and 11 leading to a level 2 BTEC first award in Music. This type of qualification has been extremely successful at Alcester Academy producing outstanding results and has resulted in the music department receiving the Rockschool award for the highest achievement of all centres nationally. The department has developed a close working partnership with Roland UK and is fully equipped with the latest musical resources and technology. The department is also a Champion School for the Musical Futures project, which has successfully developed a new approach to the teaching and learning of music.

The lower and upper school programmes of work are linked and provide a complete musical education which enable our pupils to move on to vocational or more academic musical pathways. All work is of a practical nature and combines composing, listening and performing. Access to a musical instrument at home is encouraged for all pupils across all years.

We offer instrumental tuition on most instruments as well as specialist vocal tuition. All lessons take place during the school day, with the times of the lessons rotating on a weekly basis. These instruments include Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drum kit, Piano/Keyboard, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Recorder, Djembe drumming and Vocal tuition.

The school provides numerous opportunities for students to develop and hone their performing skills. Regular concerts are organised throughout the year for pupils to showcase their achievements. There are also regular informal lunchtime concerts in the music department and opportunities to perform within the local community. We encourage a variety of musical talents with an extensive range of lunchtime activities ranging from Acoustic groups to Metal bands and Vocal groups. Students are also welcome to use the facilities at lunchtime to practice and rehearse.

The school also provides guitar, drums and singing places in the two Rock Academies which are based at the school. They perform Rock Concerts in school, local entertainment facilities and local public gatherings such as Alcester Street Market and the Town Summer Fete. The Academies recently appeared in the Birmingham Town Hall at The National Rock & Pop Festival.

Recently the music department has been awarded a grant from the Warwickshire music hub that has allowed us to build a recording studio with state-of-the-art digital audio equipment. The studio can be used by all year groups but it is in year 10 that pupils get hands on with the technology and record their own demo.

Alcester Academy Jazz Group for Gifted & Talented Pupils takes place every Wednesday from 6-7pm. A combination of Alcester Academy’s musical elite, both current and ex-pupils, get together to rehearse and perform some more technical and sometimes more obscure music.

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