Curriculum Lead for PE: Mr J Powell
PE Teacher: Miss K Buckthorp
PE Teacher: Mr J Bowater
PE Teacher: Mrs L Powell


The Physical Education programme offers pupils experience of a range of physical activities throughout the school year in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum.

Physical Education contributes to the overall education of young people, by fostering learning that leads to success, achievement and provides the opportunity for them to lead full and valuable lives, through engaging in purposeful physical activity. Lessons are structured in line with the National Curriculum for Physical Education, students at Alcester Academy will be taught the knowledge skills and understanding from at least four of the following areas:

  • Outwitting opponents, as in games activities.
  • Accurate replication of actions, phrases and sequences, as in gymnastic activities.
  • Exploring and communicating ideas, concepts and emotions, as in dance activities.
  • Performing at maximum levels in relation to speed, height, distance, strength or accuracy, as in athletic activities.
  • Identifying and solving problems to overcome challenges of an adventurous nature, as in life saving and personal survival in swimming and outdoor activities.
  • Exercising safely and effectively to improve health and wellbeing, as in fitness and health activities.

Through a broad and balanced programme pupils will be taught to be physically active, developing co-ordination, control and body management. They will be involved in problem-solving, communication with others and team-building. Pupils will be encouraged to understand the importance of a healthy life style through participation in and enjoyment of a variety of activities and environments.

The school is fortunate enough to possess two good-sized indoor areas, the school hall and the purpose-built gymnasium. Both are used extensively throughout the year. The school also possesses two large playing fields for hockey, soccer and rugby in the winter, converting to athletics, cricket and rounders in the summer. In addition there is a large tarmac area for netball and tennis.

As well as timetabled lessons there is a wide range of extra curricular activities run after school with House Activities occurring at lunchtimes. There are regular fixtures with other schools in the area and we participate in all local school tournaments.

At Key Stage 4 we provide the BTEC First Award in Sport course. This offers them the chance to undertake a vocational approach to their sporting studies and gain an equivalent GCSE qualification.

As a department we would like to encourage a healthy attitude towards all aspects of physical fitness, giving pupils the knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions in the future. We believe this can only be achieved in a friendly, supportive and disciplined environment.

Curriculum Outline

Students study the following activities at KS3:

Year 7 - Rugby, Football, Hockey, Netball, Gymnastics, Dance, Basketball, Rowing, SH Athletics, Athletics, Cricket, Rounders & Tennis.

Year 8 - Rugby, Football, Hockey, Netball, Gymnastics, Basketball, Rowing, SH Athletics, HRF, Athletics, Cricket, Rounders & Tennis.

Year 9 - Rugby, Football, Hockey, Netball, Basketball, HRF, Rowing, Volleyball, Athletics, Cricket, Rounders & Tennis.

Students are offered the option to choose from the activities below at KS4:

Year 10 - Rugby, Football, Hockey, Netball, Basketball, Lacrosse, HRF, Zumba, Rowing, Badminton, Volleyball , Table Tennis, Softball, Athletics, Cricket, Rounders & Tennis.

Year 11 - Rugby, Football, Hockey, Netball, Basketball, Lacrosse, HRF, Zumba, Rowing, Badminton, Volleyball , Table Tennis, Softball, Athletics, Cricket, Rounders & Tennis.

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