Curriculum Lead for Science: Miss D Burgess

Associate Lead for Science: Miss N Taylor

​Science Teacher: Mrs A Bush

Science Teacher: Mr F Arris

Science Teacher: Miss R Cooper
Science Technician: Mr A Parker

The Science department continually achieve results in line with or above the national average in all courses.
We believe our success lies in our commitment to continuously review the courses we offer to each individual to ensure that students can study the course that best suits their learning style and ambitions for further education.

Key Stage 3
We follow a bespoke course that uses elements from a number of KS3 providers. Scientific theory is learned and practised through a skills-based approach. The course is broadly divided into the 3 main subject areas with students studying discrete modules over the 2 years.

Students are set into ability groupings where ever possible. These groups are reviewed regularly to allow students to be moved according to ability, attitude and effort. The pupils are assessed throughout the course based on their scientific skills using practical and theory based assessments, online testing and traditional end of unit tests.

Key Stage 4
We currently offer AQA Trilogy science, which is worth 2 GCSE levels eg 2.3 or 4.4. This course includes all 3 sciences with separate exams but the levels are averaged across all subjects. Students take 6 exams in the summer of year 11 each of 1hr 15 mins.

We also offer AQA Triple Science GCSE where students study all 3 sciences as discrete separate subjects and achieve 3 levels. Students take 6 exams in the summer of year 11 each of 1hr 45 mins.

Students are continually assessed throughout the course on their practical skills, written skills and through traditional written tests. The science department use Collins online resources combined with Doddle.

Students cannot opt to take only 1 or 2 subjects.

The Curriculum Introduction Teacher
The Curriculum Introduction Chemistry
The Curriculum Introduction Biology