Staff Training

The academy prides itself on providing the best possible learning experience for all of its students. This is achieved through a commitment to recruit passionate, highly qualified staff who feel that they are able to contribute to the school ethos and values, whilst continually making a positive difference to student outcomes. 

In order to achieve this, the staff at the academy participate in a programme of continuous professional development throughout the academic year. This can involve:

  • The leading of, and participation in, specific training.
  • Supporting other colleagues within the school; as individuals or within small groups.
  • Supporting colleagues in other schools.
  • Contributing to the wider professional educational community; collaborating with external agencies in order to provide training, or networking through social media in order to strengthen teaching practice.
  • Following a personalised training pathway in order to meet the needs of individual staff members.

Alcester Academy follows the TEEP (Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme) pedagogical approach to teaching.

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