Students are continuously assessed throughout their time in the academy. This involves the deployment of a range of strategies ranging from the marking of books, practical assessments and tests. Generally homework is used to reinforce progress rather than as a means of deriving assessed grades (as explained in the academy homework policy).

We gather data from teachers each half term. This allows us to track the progress being made across the curriculum and target interventions to any students falling behind. Teachers use a data analysis package (SISRA) to track the progress of the children they teach. Subject Leaders and the Senior Leadership Team track the performance of subject areas and individuals. The Headteacher reports to governors of on the progress the academy is making towards the ‘headline measures’. Governors have access to performance data and hold the Headteacher to account for performance at whole school level and at subject level.

What do we report?

Teachers report ‘working at grades’ as these can be accurately measured rather than reporting predicted grades which rely upon too much conjecture, particularly with the younger year groups. Students working at grades are compared to the grades individuals should be at for each assessment window if they are to realise their target grades. This allows us to easily identify students below their expected point of progress and implement intervention strategies.

Parents receive a progress report each term. This report informs on students working at grade for each subject. We also indicate whether this is above, on track or below where an individual should be at the time of reporting. We also provide information relating to students attitude to learning. Once a year, parents also receive a full written report.

Report Dates and Parents' Evenings 2019/20

In order to help parents understand how data is derived for each subject area at each assessment window, we have compiled a summary. This can be accessed using the links below:


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Design Technology







Media Studies



Philosophy, Theology & Ethics

Performing Arts



The Curriculum Assessment Art
The Curriculum Assess
The Curriculum Assessment Drama